Freedom Paper Adds Two New Sign and Banner Materials

If you are looking for economical inkjet materials for printing short-term banners, durable posters, and colorful signs, check out two new wide-format inkjet materials from Freedom Paper: Instant-Dry Matte Tyvek® for High-Speed Printing and Pro Self-Adhesive Matte Polypro Film with Anti-Slip Liner.

These two new Freedom Paper products can be used to make signs, decals, and lightweight banners on the super-speedy, single-pass HP PageWide XL printers. They also work on other inkjet printers that use aqueous pigment inks, latex, and UV-curable inks.

Instant-Dry Matte Tyvek® for High-Speed Printing (511) is an ultra-smooth, 7-mil, Dupont® Tyvek® banner material. Use this durable, tear-resistant material for indoor or outdoor posters, lightweight banners, and point-of-purchase and retail displays. The coating produces bright. rich colors for high-definition graphics.

Freedom Paper Tyvek Banners

Prints dry quickly for smudge-resistant handling. The banners can be hemmed with high-tack banner tape. Instant-Dry Matte Tyvek is available in 36-inch x 100 ft. rolls on a 3-inch core.

Pro Self-Adhesive Matte Polypro Film with Anti-Slip Liner (806) is an 8-mil, tear-resistant, self-adhesive polypropylene film. The clear acrylic permanent adhesive on the back is protected with a 1.2 mil anti-slip liner.

Use this Pro Polypro Film to create mounted graphics and posters, package prototypes, short-term outdoor signage, or permanent window decals or graphics. It is sold on 3-inch core in two roll sizes: 36 in. x 100 ft. and 50 in. x 100 ft.

Freedom Paper Pro Self Adhesive Matte Polypro Film

Print durable mounted posters on Freedom Paper Pro Self-Adhesive Matte Polypro Film

For more information about either of these products, chat with the wide-format media experts at Freedom Paper  online at or call us at 866-310-3335.



Hahnemuhle Cezanne is Archival Cotton Inkjet Art Canvas

Hahnemühle has updated its selection of archival cotton inkjet art canvas and poly-cotton inkjet art canvas. Subtle differences in the whiteness levels and surface structures of these inkjet canvases can contribute to the unique aesthetics of your printed artwork.

Hahnemuhle Cezanne Canvas packageThe newest cotton canvas added to Hahnemuhle’s line-up is Hahnemuhle Cézanne Canvas 430 gsm.

Hahnemuhle Cézanne Canvas is a natural-white 100-percent cotton canvas with an elegant, finely woven surface structure. This museum-grade, acid-free canvas was manufactured without optical brighteners (OBA’s) and in accordance with ISO 9706 standards to meet the permanence requirements of museums and galleries.

Hahnemuhle’s matte coating provides first-class printing results with a wide color gamut and deep, rich blacks.

It is ideal for printing art reproductions and digital art on Canon, Epson, and HP photo and graphics inkjets printers that use 8 to 12 colors of aqueous pigment inks.

Cézanne Canvas 430 gsm provides the high level of elasticity required for wrapping printed artwork on stretcher bars. The canvas is available is 24-, 44-, and 60-inch rolls.

Close-up on surface texture of Hanemuhle Cezanne inkjet canvas

Close-up of surface texture of Hahnemuhle Cezanne canvas


This canvas was named in honor of the renowned French artist Paul Cézanne who produced more than 900 oil paintings during his lifetime. He is quoted as saying, “I paint as I see and as I feel, and I feel very strongly.”

For more information about Hahnemuhle Cezanne Canvas or other inkjet fine art media from Hahnemuhle, chat with the inkjet printing experts at Freedom Paper or call us at 866-310-3335.


Use HP Durable Backlit Fabric to Create ‘Soft-Look’ Lightbox Displays

HP Durable Backlit Fabric is a new latex inkjet media that can help your print shop keep up with the latest trends in backlit displays. Not long ago, polyester backlit films were the primary method of producing inkjet graphics for lightboxes. Today, many lightboxes and frames are specifically designed for use with energy-efficient LED lighting and inkjet-printed fabrics. Printed fabrics weigh less than backlit films and can be shipped at lower costs.

HP Durable Backlit Fabric in airport display

HP Durable Backlit Fabric with ColorPRO technology for enhanced image quality

Inkjet-printed backlit fabrics produce a soft, organic look that makes the backlit graphics suitable for a wider range of applications. In addition to being used for advertising graphics in stores, trade show booths, airports, malls, and conference centers, backlit fabric graphics can add a visually pleasing glow to indoor decor in restaurants, hotels, office lobbies, and other settings.

Many backlit inkjet fabrics are finished with silicon edging and displayed in SEG (silicon-edge-graphic) lightboxes with tensioning systems that keep the fabric taut and wrinkle-free.

Inkjet Fabric for HP Latex Printers

For latex-inkjet-printer users who want to print high-impact, backlit graphics on fabric, HP recently introduced HP Durable Backlit Fabric. This recyclable, 147 gsm, 6 mil polyester fabric was engineered with ColorPRO technology to provide enhanced image quality.

To reduce the risk that graphics will be accidentally damaged during finishing, shipping, and installation, the durability of the fabric has also been enhanced.

HP Durable Backlit Fabric in hanging lightbox

HP Durable Backlit Fabric in a hanging backlit frame

Graphics printed with HP Latex ink provide sharp, fine detail and are flame-resistant and REACH compliant. They are easy to install in SEG backlit frames and can be used as a recyclable alternative to PVC materials for banners and displays. The printed graphics are recyclable through the HP  Large-Format Media take-back program.

Freedom Paper will sell HP Durable Backlit Fabric in 54. in. and 60 in. roll widths.

For more information about HP Durable Backlit Fabric, call the wide-format printing experts at Freedom Paper at 866-310-3335 or chat with us online at

Five Tips for Designing Trade Show Graphics

As the spring trade-show seasons approaches, it’s time to review some basic principles for designing trade show graphics.

Use Images with Correct Resolution

Big, colorful images attract attention on the trade-show floor. They can also create a strong positive impression about your company’s brand, products, or services.

But enlarging your images can also reveal defects in your image that weren’t apparent when the image was smaller. If your enlarged images look fuzzy or pixelated, it can create an impression that your brand doesn’t pay attention to details.

Images are “bitmap” or “raster” graphics. Without special software (such as Alien Skin BlowUp or OnOne Perfect Resize) they cannot be enlarged beyond their established resolution without losing quality.

To make sure the images you choose for your graphic will have enough resolution, consider the final size of the output and the distance from which the graphic will be viewed.

If the graphic will be viewed from more than five feet away (e.g. a hanging sign or backdrop), your image resolution should be at least 100 dpi x your final output size in inches. (150 dpi is recommended). This can result in some big file sizes. For example, an image to cover a 10 ft. wide by 88 in. high pop-up display needs a resolution of about 15,400 x 8800 pixels.

If the graphic will be viewed from a distance closer than five feet (e.g. a banner-stand graphic or informational poster), your image resolution should be at least 150 dpi x your final output size (in inches(. Use 300 dpi x final output size (in inches) if the enlarged image is likely to be viewed from 3 feet or less.

Use TIFF files to prepare your graphics instead of JPEG files. The JPEG file format that compresses the image data. Even if you save the JPEG for maximum quality, you will still be losing image data that can affect the print quality.

One quick way to check whether you are starting with a high-quality image file is to view the image at 100% or 150% on your screen. You can immediately see the types of image artifacts will be visible when the photo is enlarged for printing.

If you have used special up-sizing software to increase the resolution, view the up-sized image file at 50% of your full output size before you print it. You may need to do some additional sharpening or noise correction before you printing it. Your up-sizing software will include tools and tutorials for doing this.

Trade Show Banner Stands - Vectors

Vector illustrations such as this one make good backgrounds because they don’t lose resolution when enlarged. (Photo:

Consider Using Vector Graphics and/or Smaller Images

Vector graphics can be up-sized without losing quality because they are not composed of pixels. Vector graphics rely on mathematical equations to represent graphic components. Most stock photo agencies offer a wide selection of vector graphics.

Or, you can create a design that incorporated poster-sized images instead of full-bleed images. For example, a backwall design that includes 15 in. x 15 in. images will require images with resolutions as low as 1500 x 1500.

Choose and Use Your Fonts With Care

Trade-show aisles are packed with eye-catching messages competing for the attendees’ attention. Your graphic should graphics should convey a clear and concise message that can be understood in just a few seconds.

Keep text simple, so you can use a font that is big enough to read from a distance. And never use more than two fonts in a design space. Using a lot of different fonts looks like visual chatter and confuses the viewer.

Choose a font that reflects “voice” of your company. With a carefully chosen font, your main graphics won’t look like you are “yelling” at your customers (VISIT US NOW!). A contemporary, more casual-looking font can make it seem as if you are inviting the viewer to chat with the warm and friendly experts who are staffing the trade show booth.

Choose Effective Colors

To ensure that colors are readable, choose text color that sharply contrasts with the background color.

Colors that complement your brand colors can help support brand recognition. Colors that contrast with your brand colors can help call attention to special promotions new products.

Choose the Right Inkjet Printing Material

If the graphic will be displayed on a freestanding banner stand, choose an inkjet-printable display film with a high level of opacity. You don’t want the shadow of the banner-stand hardware to distract from the appearance of your graphic.

If the graphic will be mounted and displayed under bright lights, choose a printing material with a low-glare or matte surface finish. While glossy materials do a great job reproducing photographs, they can create glare that make your well-designed graphics difficult to read.

Dozens of different inkjet printing materials are available to help your organization or clients make a big impression.

If you need help choosing the right inkjet printing material for your trade-show graphics, chat with us online at or call us at 866-310-3335. To make the right recommendation, we will need details such as:

  • how the graphic will be displayed
  • where it will be displayed (indoor or outdoors)
  • what type of printer you use
  • how many times the graphic will be used at various shows

Freedom Paper offers a wide selection of trade-show graphic materials from leading brands such as HP, Sihl, Magic, and Kodak. We also offer our own Freedom Paper-brand of sign and display materials for aqueous inkjet printers such as the HP DesignJet series or Canon imagePROGRAF line.


Kodak Introduces Adhesive-Backed Vinyl for Floor and Wall Graphics

KODAK Floor and Wall Vinyl is a new self-adhesive vinyl designed for use on printers that use solvent, eco-solvent, latex, or UV-cure ink. This 8 mil, white matte floor graphics vinyl consists of a print surface with a distinctive texture, a fabric-reinforcing layer, and a repositionable, removable adhesive with a coated paper backing.

The proprietary acrylic solvent adhesive sticks to almost anything, including carpet, tile, concrete, wood, stone, metal, glass, and painted surfaces.

KODAK Floor and Wall Vinyl on airport walkway

Use Kodak Floor and Wall Vinyl for wayfinding signs

KODAK’s unique new floor and wall-graphics material is designed for short-to-medium-term indoor or outdoor use. It meets ASTM and other certifications for slip-resistance and fire-resistance.

Use KODAK Floor and Wall Vinyl to make promotional, informational, or decorative graphics in conference centers, stores, museums, restaurants, offices, and homes.

KODAK Floor and Wall Vinyl on floor of automotive service garage

Use KODAK Floor and Wall Vinyl in all types of garages

Create team or tournament decals, wayfinding signs, advertising posters, entry-way greetings, basement-floor overlays, safety signs, store aisle runners, floor murals, guerilla marketing, parking garage advertising, elevator floor graphics, dance floor decorations, and more.

KODAK Floor and Wall Vinyl used for basketball team floor decal

Make floor decals for sports teams and tournaments with KODAK Floor and Wall Vinyl

KODAK Floor and Wall Vinyl is currently available in a 48 in. x 82 ft. roll. Call Freedom Paper at 866-310-3335 for pricing or to place an order. If you have questions, chat with us online at


Store floor decal printed on KODAK Floor and Wall Vinyl

Removable floor graphics on KODAK Floor and Wall Vinyl can call attention to short-term promotions in stores.



Consider Kodak Wide-Format Inkjet Media for Trade Show Graphics

Kodak media at trade show

Trade shows are an important part of integrated marketing campaigns because they allow your organization to meet face-to-face with many customers, prospects, dealers, and suppliers in just a few short days.

Kodak inkjet media at trade show

And printed graphics continue to be prominent in almost every trade show booth – even those that feature digital signage and interactive displays. Printed graphics with strong visuals can attract attention, reinforce the themes of your integrated marketing campaigns, or provide a branded environment in-booth events and interactions.

If you plan to use show-stopping imagery in your trade show graphics, consider some of the excellent inkjet-printable materials from Kodak. KODAK wide-format display media offer the same superior quality as KODAK inkjet photo papers.

Kodak trade show graphic materials

You can use KODAK Poly Poster display films for banner-stand graphics and KODAK Universal Backlit Films for lightbox displays. Plus, you can use KODAK adhesive-backed fabric, vinyl, and films to wrap podiums, tabletops, seat backs, and other smooth flat, or gently curved surfaces.

If you use Canon imagePROGRAF printers, HP DesignJet printers, or other models that use aqueous dye or pigment inks, here are some KODAK products we recommend for trade-show graphics.

KODAK Water-Resistant Removable Vinyl 6 mil is a calendared vinyl with a pressure-sensitive, removable, repositionable adhesive.  The printed graphics can easily be repositioned during installation and will remove cleanly if replaced within six months.

KODAK Photo Tex Repositionable Fabric 6 mil  sticks to any non-porous, flat surface and removes easily with no residue. Use it for sharp-looking, seamless graphics.  Printed graphics are lightweight for economical shipping and are easy to apply on-site.

KODAK Water-Resistant Poly Poster Matte 8 mil is a polypropylene display film that can be used for indoor or outdoor trade-show signs, banner-stand graphics, and event backdrops.

KODAK Water-Resistant Self-Adhesive Poly Poster Matte 9 mil is great for making signs that will be mounted on foamboards for display on easels or in sign frames. This tear-resistant display film is more durable than paper and less expensive than vinyl.

KODAK Rapid-Dry Self-Adhesive Glossy Poly Poster 6 mil  is a glossy, pressure-sensitive adhesive film for long-term, high-impact indoor signage.

KODAK Universal Backlit Film 8 mil  is a heavyweight front-print backlit film for lightbox displays. This fast-drying, easy-to-handle film provides excellent image quality at a competitive price.

If you want to produce graphics that will stand out on a busy trade show floor, choose great images and print them on wide-format inkjet materials from the imaging experts at Kodak.

Crowded trade show floor

If you need help choosing the right KODAK inkjet media for a specific application, chat with us online at or call us a 866-310-3335.

HP ColorPRO Technology Improves Print Quality on Wide-Format Bond Papers

With the success of HP’s pigment-ink PageWide XL printers, HP has expanded its range of wide-format inkjet papers with HP ColorPRO technology. ColorPRO papers are manufactured with additives that hold pigments closer to the surface and provide more control over ink coverage.

ColorPRO technology logoCompared to standard untreated bond and photo papers, inkjet media that display the ColorPRO logo produce inkjet printed images with noticeably enhanced print quality.

Better print quality supports the growing need for vivid colors, richer images, and sharper text in all types of presentations, technical drawings, office posters, and graphics.

In addition to ensuring more consistent quality, ColorPRO technology allows owners of inkjet printers to reduce ink usage and be more efficient.

Optimized for PageWide XL Printers

The high-speed, single-pass HP PageWide XL printers HP introduced in 2015 are radically different from the HP DesignJet printers that have long been used to print technical drawings.

A PageWide XL printer uses a stationary printbar that spans the width of the paper. When the printhead remains in a fixed position, the paper doesn’t need to advance incrementally as the inkjet printhead make multiple passes back and forth across the width of the paper. When all inks are applied in a single pass, the paper can feed much more quickly through the printer.

HP PageWide XL printers

HP PageWide XL printer series

A PageWide XL printer can output 30 A1/D-size (22 X 34-inch) prints per minute. The inks must dry instantly so the prints don’t smear as they are stacked or folded.

Because of the speed and efficiency in printing both color and monochrome documents, the PageWide XL printers are a hit. More than 3,000 printers were sold in the first 18 months after the printers were launched.

As the use of HP PageWide XL printers continues to grow, expect to see a growing range of inkjet media suitable for these printers.

HP Papers with ColorPRO Technology

ColorPRO technology is used with new HP inkjet papers that are optimized to work HP PageWide XL printers. Some of these inkjet papers also work well with legacy HP DesignJets and other models of printers that use aqueous dye and pigment inks.

HP’s portfolio of ColorPRO media includes:

  • HP Bright White Inkjet Paper
  • HP Universal Bond Paper
  • HP Premium Instant-Dry Satin Photo Paper
  • HP Premium Instant-Dry Gloss Photo Paper
  • HP Everyday Instant Dry Gloss Photo Paper
  • HP Everyday Instant-Dry Satin Photo Paper
  • HP Universal Instant-Dry Satin Photo Paper
  • HP 20-lb. Bond with ColorPRO for PageWide Technology
  • HP 24-lb. Bond with ColorPRO for PageWide Technology

Freedom Paper has started adding these new HP materials to our website. And we plan to add additional products compatible with HP PageWide XL printers throughout the year. For more information, please chat with us online at freedom or call us at 866-310-3335.

Deckle Edge Inkjet Art Papers Add Hand-Crafted Touch to Gift Prints

When making gift prints this holiday season, consider using deckle-edge sheets of one of three popular Hahnemuehle inkjet fine art papers: William Turner 310 gsm, Museum Etching 350 gsm, and Photo Rag® 308 gsm.

Deckle Edge

A deckle edge is the irregular, feathery, torn-paper border that is traditionally associated with handmade art papers. Deckle-edge inkjet prints look and feel more like hand-crafted prints.

The deckle edges are particularly striking on prints that will be displayed in a floating frame. In a floating frame, the print appears to hover in front of the mat or decorative backing. Because the print isn’t positioned beneath the mat, the visible raw edges add a textural, dimensional element to the framed print.

All three Hahnemuehle digital fine art papers available with deckle edges are manufactured to meet high standards of archival quality. These 100-percent cotton papers are acid- and lignin-free and calcium carbonate buffered to neutralize acids from the environment.

The William Turner and Museum Etching papers are free of optical brightening agents (OBAs) that can cause papers to look yellow over time. Photo Rag contains a small amount of OBAs to whiten the paper and improve the colors and details in printed photographs.

Hahnemuehle Deckle Edge William Turner 310gsm

William Turner 310 gsm is a mould-made, fine-art paper with a distinctive textured surface. Use it to reproduce original watercolors and drawings or to print digitally composed art. It can also be used for black-and-white and color photography.

Hahnemuehle Deckle Edge William Turner

Deckle edge on Hahenmuehle William Turner 310 gsm

Hahnemuehle Deckle Edge Photo Rag 308gsm

Photo Rag 308 is a matte, white fine art paper with a smooth, fine-grained surface. This paper is a good choice for black-and-white photographs and digitally composed art that include a lot of detail and tonal gradations. The surface coating is designed to control image clarity even with heavier ink loads.

Deckle edge on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag 308

Deckle edge on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag 308

Hahnemuehle Deckle Edge Museum Etching 350gsm

Museum Etching 350 gsm is natural white, matte art paper with a finely textured surface. The texture and weight of this paper emulate the look and feel of the boards old-world printmakers used to make prints from etched metal plates.

Decklet edge on Hahnemuehle Museum Etching 310 gsm

Deckle edge on Hahnemuehle Museum Etching 350 gsm

Printing and Handling Tips

When printing on deckle-edge papers, use a thick-paper print setting and make sure no fibers along the edge of the paper are sticking up.

For prints that will last for generations, use a pigment-ink photo printer (such as the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series or Epson SureColor P or Stylus Pro). Store the papers and prints in archive-quality envelopes, folders, and boxes. Use only archive-grade tapes and glues for mounting and framing.

Handle the papers with care, and keep them stored at a relative humidity between 35% and 65% and a temperature between 50⁰ and 86⁰ F.

Call the wide-format printing experts at Freedom Paper at 866-310-3335 if you have questions or would like more information.

Magic Updates Its Durable Tyvek Material for Indoor and Outdoor Banners

Inkjet-printable Tyvek® is a budget-friendly option for making indoor and outdoor banners and temporary outdoor signs. Durable, tear-resistant Tyvek banners can be welded and grommeted like vinyl banners, but weigh noticeably less.

Magic has replaced its original 9-mil TB9 Tyvek Banner Material with a new and improved 11-mil version called Magic Tyvek TB2. The new TB2 indoor/outdoor matte banner material is slightly whiter and more opaque the original TB9. TB2 also features a subtle surface texture.

You can use the same printer settings and color profiles for TB2 that you used for TB9.

Magic Tyvek TB2 is ideal for making fence banners, construction banners, pole banners, hanging banners, and other short-term signs. The ink-receptive surface coating helps graphics resist water, scratches, and fading and supports excellent ink adhesion. Black inks are dense and rich and colors really pop.

You can use TB2 with a wide range of wide-format inkjet printers, including models that use aqueous dye and aqueous pigment inks, latex inks, eco-solvent or solvent inks, and UV curable inks.

Magic Tyvek TB2 Banner Material is sold in 60 ft.-long rolls. Freedom Paper sells it in 24-, 36-, and 60-inch roll widths.

For more information about Magic’s new inkjet-printable Tyvek, call the wide-format printing experts at Freedom Paper at 866-310-3335 or chat with us online at

Bright, colorful banners printed on durable Magic Tyvek TB2 banner material can go anywhere



Travel Photographer Gives Prints to Clients After Memorable Assignments

For travel photographer Steve Filipiak, life is short and the world is wide. Steve has worked in the travel industry for more than 16 years, capturing stunning images from more than 40 countries. His work has appeared in magazines such as Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast Travel, and Departures as well as newspapers such as the New York Daily News travel section.

He describes his style as “spontaneous and insightful,” just like any good adventure should be.

Image of man in India with colorful dolls. By Steve Filipiak

©Steve Filipiak. From travel photographer Steve Filipiak’s gallery of images from India. Used with permission.

After shooting assignments, Steve likes to give his clients 11 x 14-inch prints as beautiful, lasting reminders of the experience. Depending on the nature of the image, Steve uses 13 x 19 inch sheets of Kodak Professional Inkjet Photo Paper Glossy 255 gsm or Kodak Professional Inkjet Photo Paper Lustre 255 gsm.

“I find that Kodak Professional Inkjet Photo Papers produce a more color-neutral print. Some other brands of photo papers tend to produce a yellowish hue,” said Filipiak. “This is even more noticeable when printing in black and white.”


Steve Filipiak's image of woman in India in front of Taj Mahal

©Steve Filipiak. From travel photographer Steve Filipiak’s gallery of images from India. Used with permission.

While everyone now carries a camera in their smartphone, Steve believes opportunities still remain for professional photographers who make prints. The challenge is to capture images with a unique perspective and continue to explore new print technology that can make highly accurate prints at affordable prices.

See more of Steve’s amazing travel photography at

Kodak Professional Inkjet Photo Paper

Freedom Paper sells a wide assortment of Kodak Professional Inkjet Papers.

While Kodak Professional Inkjet Photo Papers work with many models of HP, Canon, and Epson aqueous inkjet photo printers, the coating has been optimized to fully express the wide color gamut and improved pigment ink technologies of the newest models, such as Canon’s imagePROGRAF PRO-series of printers.

Kodak inkjet photo papers are a great choice if you want prints that accurately reproduce more of the colors that can be captured in your camera.

You don’t have to be professional travel photographer like Steve Filipiak to use Kodak Professional Inkjet Photo Papers. You can use these budget-friendly papers to decorate your home or office with printed photos showing all of the places you have traveled.

For more information about Kodak Professional Inkjet Photo Paper, chat with our inkjet printing experts online at or call us at 866-310-3335.


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