Which Ink Cartridge Does My Canon imagePROGRAF Printer Use?

If you use an older model Canon imagepROGRAF wide-format inkjet printer, finding the right Canon ink cartridge can be a challenge.

Since launching the imagePROGRAF brand in 2002, Canon has introduced more than 40 models of 5-color printers for technical drawings and office documents and more than 30 models of 6-color, 8-color, and 11- and 12-color pigment-ink printers for photographs, art, graphics, and displays.

Canon ink cartridge

Each model has different widths, inks, media-handling capabilities, software, accessories, and other features for use in a wide range of work environments.

Today, many older models are still running strong in print shops, corporate offices, schools, colleges, design firms, AEC companies, photography studios, and art-reproduction houses.

Finding the Right Cartridge

To show which cartridges are used with each printer model, we have compiled two Canon ink cartridge reference guides:

Reference Guide 1: Technical and General Office-Use Printers
Ink cartridges used by Canon imagePROGRAF 5-color printers

Reference Guide 2: Photo, Art, and Graphics Printers
Pigment-ink cartridges used by imagePROGRAF and iPF PRO Series printers

Most newer-model printers give you the option of using larger-capacity ink tanks for the colors you use most often. This enables you to lower your overall ink costs per ml (millileter) and run longer jobs unattended.

Cartridge Capacities

The types and capacities of the ink cartridges used on the five-color models include:

PFI-007: 90 ml
PFI-102: 130 ml
PFI-104: 130 ml
PFI-107: 130 ml
PFI-207: 300 ml
PFI-303: 330 ml
PFI-703: 700 ml
PFI-307: 330 ml
PFI-707: 700 ml

The types and capacities of the ink cartridges used on the photo, art, and graphics printers include:

PFI-101:130 ml
PFI-103: 130 ml
PFI-105: 130 ml
PFI-106: 130 ml
PFI-206: 300 ml
PFI-302: 330 ml
PFI-304: 330 ml
PFI-306: 330 ml
PFI-701: 700 ml
PFI-702: 700 ml
PFI-704: 700 ml
PFI-706: 700 ml
PFI-1000: 80 ml
PFI-1100: 160 ml
PFI-1300: 330 ml
PFI-1700: 700 ml

If the cartridge you need isn’t listed on our website or Ink and Toner Finder, we can help you find it.

And if you are ready to upgrade to newer model Canon imagePROGRAF wide-format printer, we can help you with that too! Call us at 866-310-3335 or chat with us online.

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