Create Photo Banners with Kodak Water Resistant Scrim Banner Vinyl

If you need an economical material suitable for printing durable banners with photographic art, check out Kodak Water Resistant Scrim Banner vinyl for aqueous wide-format inkjet printers such as Canon imagePROGRAF, Epson Stylus Pro and SureColor T and P Series, and HP DesignJets.  

Compared to other banner vinyls, Kodak water-resistant scrim banner material has a high white point. The brightness of the print surface ensures that the colors look bright and that more of the subtle tones and details within high-resolution photographs can be reproduced.


This 16-mil vinyl banner material is sturdy enough to handle a wide range of environmental conditions. Its high level of tear-resistance comes from a strong, polyester fabric (“a scrim layer”) sandwiched between two layers of vinyl.

The inkjet printable matte surface of Kodak Water Resistant Scrim Banner provides true water and scratch resistance so graphics printed with aqueous pigment inks remain crisp and vibrant for long-term indoor and outdoor use.

Kodak Water Resistant Scrim Banner material is ideal for making a series of banners on newer photo and graphics printers such as Canon’s new imagePROGRAF PRO series of 24, 44, and 60-inch printers. These printers use Canon’s LUCIA PRO pigment inks and can handle materials up to 31.5 mils thick.

(To create outdoor banners with aqueous dye inks, you will need to allow the print to dry for at least 24 hours, then apply a pressure-sensitive vinyl laminating film that has UV inhibitors. You should also be aware that many older model inkjet printers that use dye inks to print office and technical drawings won’t be able to handle the 16-mil thickness of this vinyl.)

Freedom Paper sells Kodak Water Resistant Scrim Banner in 40-ft. rolls in five widths: 24, 36, 42, 50, and 60 inches. For unattended printing of multiple banners, a 75 ft. roll is offered in a 36 inch width.

To learn more about Kodak Water Resistant Scrim Banner Vinyl material, visit or call the wide-format inkjet printing experts at 866-310-3335.

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