Artist Chooses HP wallpaper to Print 365 Art Posters

It has been said that if you pay attention to boredom, it gets unbelievably interesting. Such is the case for Singaporean designer, Darius Ou, whose design project, Autotypography, sprang to life after he found himself bored at design school.

Ou began illustrating a poster a day, creating a visual autobiography of his daily life. The project went viral when he posted the images to his website.

Ou’s work breaks the rules of “good design” by stretching, deconstructing and experimenting with typography.“Along the way I began to experiment with aesthetics,” says Ou “and the project became an inquiry into the current state of visual culture. Through this exercise, I learned a lot about myself, my views and eventually formed my practice.”

Darius Ou designed a poster a day every day. The visual diary was printed on HP PVC-free Wallpaper an installed to the gallery walls for an exhibition at the LASALLE College of the Arts’ Institute of Contemporary Arts in Singapore.

His collection of 365 posters, created using a variety of Adobe software, was printed and showcased as part of the Dissolving Margins exhibition at the LASALLE College of the Arts’ Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore.

Ou needed a durable paper material that would print high-quality with bright color saturation yet adhere well to the walls of the gallery and still allow for repositioning during the installation process.

“It wasn’t easy to lay out 365 posters of different sizes to the walls of the gallery,” says Ou. The curator of the show reached out to HP for advice. The posters were printed on an HP Latex 360 wide-format inkjet printer using HP PVC-free Wall Paper which was “perfect for the requirements!”

Ou was impressed with the durability as the posters were repositioned many times and the HP wallpaper showed no signs of tearing. 

HP PVC-free Wall Paper is pre-pasted. Because only water is needed to activate the adhesive, the printed wallpaper is easy to install.

To see more of Darius Ou’s innovative work, visit or

HV PVC-free Wall Paper can be ordered from the Freedom Paper website in 42. and 54 in. roll widths.

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