Holograms on a Certificate of Authenticity Add Value to Art Prints

A certificate of authenticity (COA) is a document that gives art buyers more information about your work. In addition to proving that you created the work and retain the copyright and reproduction rights, the COA helps future collectors of the art trace its origins.

Hahnemuhle Certificate of Authenticity

A numbered hologram on the back of a limited edition print matches an identically numbered hologram affixed to the Hahnemuhle Certificate of Authenticity. Photo: Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH

If you plan to sell your limited edition prints of your paintings or digitally created art, it’s beneficial to create a COA even if you aren’t sure your work will ever become collectible. Many art buyers want some proof that the print isn’t an unauthorized copy. Buyers also like having a record of how and when the art was created.

The COA for each print should contain information such as:

  • your name and website
  • the title of the artwork
  • the dimensions of the piece
  • the medium used to create it
  • the date the art was created
  • a copyright notice

You could download a template for a COA and print it on a nice piece of paper. But Hahnemühle offers a long-lasting, professional-looking option that can add to the perceived value of your print.


The Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity and Hologram System not only assures can buyers that your art print is genuine, but can also help reduce the risk that your print and COA will be copied without your permission.

Each certificate is made of premium deckle edged mould-made paper with a Hahnemühle watermark and fluorescent security fiber. After the certificate is printed, place one serialized numbered hologram on the certificate and apply a second, identically numbered hologram to the back of your art print.

Combining the certificate with the tamper-proof hologram assures buyers that each Certificate of Authenticity relates to one particular piece of art. For example, your COA would state that “This Fine Art Print is the second of a limited edition of 10 prints (hologram 001503 to 001512) signed by the artist.”

You can register unique copies and limited editions of your art on www.myartregisty.com

Freedom Paper sells the Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity and Hologram System along with a nice selection of Hahnemühle fine art papers for inkjet printing on wide-format inkjet photo printers or desktop cut-sheet photo printers.

For more information, call our wide-format print experts at 866-310-3335 or chat with us online at www.freedompaper.com



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