Use This HP Double Matte Film for Both PageWide XL and DesignJet Printers

For high-performance printing at the high speeds of the PageWide XL printers, HP updated its line-up of inkjet-printable papers and films for technical drawings and GIS images. One featured product is 4-mil HP Double Matte Film on a 3-inch Core.

HP Double Matte Film for inkjet printers

This translucent 4.8 mil double matte polyester film is optimized for high-speed pigment-ink printing on the HP Page Wide XL series of printers. But it also works with HP DesignJet printers and other models that use aqueous dye or pigment inks.

HP Double Matte Film is has an inkjet-printable coating on one side, and a markable static-minimizing surface treatment on the other side. The markable side enables you to make manual edits and annotations in pencil or ink on documents such as architecture, engineering, and construction drawings, overlays, and GIS images.

The tear-resistant, dimensionally stable film produces sharp, dense lines that don’t bleed and consistent color, even at high speeds. The inks don’t smear or transfer when prints are stacked or overlaid. Prints on this material are recyclable.

Freedom Paper now offers HP Double Matte Film, 3 in. Core. It is available in 150-ft. rolls in 7 popular widths from 22 inches to 40 inches. A 24 in. x 25 ft. sample roll is also available.

About PageWide XL Technology

The HP PageWide Xl printer uses “single pass” print technology. As the paper moves rapidly beneath a fixed array of printheads, all of the ink is applied in one pass. This is much faster than a standard wide-format printer in which the paper advances incrementally as the printhead moves back and forth across the paper, laying down the ink in Instead of multiple passes.

HP PageWide XL Printers

To achieve high quality prints in a single pass, the advanced technology of HP PageWide XL printers requires special ink formulations. It also requires strict control of how these advanced pigment inks interact with the paper or film.

On the PageWide XL materials, some of this control comes from how the papers and films are manufactured. When the base paper or film is made, manufacturers include additives that interact with the pigment inks to control how the ink behaves on surface of the material. This treatment, called HP ColorPRO technology, produces fast-dry papers that yield high-contrast blacks, more striking colors, and sharper lines.

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