HP Offers Wide Choice of RecyclabLe Inkjet Papers from Responsibly Managed Forests

If your company is committed to using environmentally printing papers, consider the wide selection of inkjet-compatible FSC-certified wide-format papers from HP, Inc. Certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) confirms that wood used to make the papers was responsibly harvested from sustainably managed forests.

HP, Inc. has reaffirmed its commitment to designing products that are manufactured, used, and recovered in a more sustainable way. In HP’s 2018 Sustainable Impact Report, HP Inc. CEO Dion Weisler said, “Across HP, we are reinventing our company to meet the evolving needs of our business and the world we share…And, together with our partners, we will lead a sustainability revolution fueled by technology.”

Freedom Paper sells a wide selection of the FSC-certified bond, photo, poster, and specialty papers featured on HP’s Eco Solutions webpage. Below are some of the FSC-certified wide-format HP inkjet printing materials that can be purchased directly from Freedom Paper’s website.

Bond Papers
Photo Papers
Poster Papers and Specialty Papers

If you have questions about the different properties of any of these printing papers, chat with us online at www.freedompaper.com or call us at 866-310-3335.

For more information about HP’s leadership in sustainability, read HP’s Sustainable Impact Report 2018.