ImagePrint R.E.D. Streamlines Color Printing Tasks on Canon imagePROGRAF Printers

ImagePrint is powerful print-management software that makes it faster to layout, preview, and print a mix of high-quality color and black-and-white prints on wide-format inkjet printers. Developed by ColorByte Software more than 10 years ago, the newest version of ImagePrint is now available in two editions: ImagePrint Black and ImagePrint R.E.D. software.

ImagePrint R.E.D. and Black Logo

“ImagePrint R.E.D. is an exciting new product. It’s the first time ColorByte has offered a product to the broader inkjet printing market, including the signage and AEC markets,” said John Pannozzo, president of ColorByte Software.”Our goal was to provide a superior way to print at a very affordable price for the multiple markets that use inkjet technology.”

ImagePrint Black is the latest version of the original ImagePrint software for high-end inkjet photo printers. It is for professional photographers and fine-art print studios who use selected professional quality Canon and Epson inkjet photo printers to make color-consistent, exhibition-quality prints and photo packages.

ImagePrint Black includes access to more than 25,000 custom-built media profiles for fine-art and photographic inkjet papers and art canvases from more than 90 different manufacturers. It relieves photographers and artists from the time and expense of building their own custom profiles when they decide to use different papers or media to output their work. Some profiles are so detailed they adjust the color of the print based on the type of gallery lighting used to view the displayed print. The MSRP of ImagePrint Black is $1495 for printers 24 inches and larger and $895 printers that are 17 inches and smaller.

ImagePrint R.E.D. is designed for the thousands of offices, AEC firms, design studios, and schools that want to print a mix of photographs and image-rich drawings and documents on different models of aqueous wide-format inkjet printers.

ImagePrint R.E.D. is also a great option for photographers, printmakers, and graphics shops that routinely use the same brands of art papers, photo papers, canvases, or display materials. The MSRP for ImagePrint R.E.D. is $599 for printers 24 inches and larger and $399 for printers 17 inches and smaller.


Use ImagePrint R.E.D. to quickly lay out, preview, and print multi-page PDFs that combine drawings, detailed maps, renderings, and full-color images. Photo: ColorByte Software

Compatible with Canon imagePROGRAF printers

Canon U.S.A. recently announced that Canon’s entire line of imagePROGRAF large-format inkjet printers is compatible with ImagePrint R.E.D.

For example, you can use ImagePrint with the imagePROGRAF TX pigment-ink printers to print and collate a combination of black-and-white technical drawings, detailed GIS maps, and full-color site-survey photos. You can also print short-term signs with accurate logo, brand, and Pantone® colors.

Photographers, designers, and artists who use Canon’s imagePROGRAF PRO series of inkjet photo printers can choose ImagePrint Black software if they want to efficiently produce exceptional color and detail on many different types and brands of art papers, photo papers, and canvas.

Features in Both R.E.D. and Black

Whereas Photoshop, is an image-editing program with printing capabilities, ImagePrint software excels at fast, high-quality printing. It gives users of wide-format aqueous inkjet printers a quick and efficient way to produce many different sizes of high quality color and black-and-white prints.

Both the ImagePrint Black software and ImagePrint R.E.D. software included the following features:

The ability to print directly from a variety of file types. Print from TIFF, JPEG, PSD, and PDF files.

RIP (raster image processing) capabilities. Get advanced controls over the color, print speed, and print quality of big files, whether they are PDFs or image files.

Automatic color management. ImagePrint software automatically selects the correct color profile you need to get the best results with the paper you have chosen for a specific job. ImagePrint ensures the consistent and accurate printing of named colors in PDF files.

Multi-page PDF support. If you print a lot of PDF files, including document sets that include multiple PDFs, ImagePrint software can efficiently process them.

Image adjustment tools. Use the step-and-repeat feature to quickly layout multiple copies of smaller PDFs or images across the width of a roll of inkjet media. Or, use the tiling feature to lay out multi-panel large-format prints such as wall murals or trade-show backdrops.

The canvas-wrap feature helps you layout photo prints that will be printed on canvas and wrapped around stretcher bars. The canvas wrap layout ensures that your print will have big enough borders to wrap around stretcher bars you plan to use.

If you are printing posters and photo enlargements, you can add frames, decorative edges, or page backgrounds. You can also create “toned” black-and-white prints or nest smaller prints with larger prints to create photo packages or avoid wasting media. The smart-crop feature makes it a breeze to crop photos so they look their best in popular print sizes and photo layouts.

ImagePrint software features

Print event invitations, save the date announcements, and photo book layouts with decorative backgrounds and frames.

Advanced page layout and resizing tools. These tools can help you layout and resize photographs as needed and ensure that your PDF and technical documents are properly prepared for optimal print quality.

Accurate preview. This tool makes it easier to see exactly what your print will look like before you print it.

Workflow automation tools. Use AutoPrint to automate the printing of large jobs.

Professional print job spooler. Store and reprint completed jobs with all of the original settings in place. You can easily modify the completed job before reprinting it.

See which jobs are currently scheduled to be printed, along with jobs that have been printed and or saved for reprinting. Photo: ColorByte Software


Tools for making packaged prints. Make packages of different sizes of portraits, wedding photos, and event images.

Create one big photo on a 24-inch sheet, or automatically nest smaller images on the media to save paper. Photo: ColorByte Software

Accurate Scaling for Drawings

ColorByte President John Pannozzo says ImagePrint R.E.D. should not be regarded as a “light” version of ImagePrint Black: “We took all of the features of a multi-thousand-dollar product and added some new document-handling functionality. ImagePrint R.E.D. is really something you have to see or use to appreciate.”

For example, previews of CAD drawings that take ten minutes or more to preview in some software can be rendered on your screen in under a second with ImagePrint.

Pannozzo also understands that technical drawings can’t be zoomed in and cropped like photo prints often are: “Technical documents must be printed to scale. Preserving that scale is important even when the image size must be reduced to fit on the page.“ He said ColorByte spent a lot of time on workflow to handle scaling issues gracefully and automatically.

“We also went the extra mile with color management,” said Pannozzo. “We color manage every element in the PDF directly to the output space. We also support Pantone colors.”

Other noteworthy new features include: the high-res, multi-page PDF viewer, the ability to lay out mixed file types, and the capability to collate multi-page PDF documents.

When used with Canon’s imagePROGRAF printers, ImagePrint software enables you to maximize the efficiency of your color management process and achieve exceptional quality, whether you are printing fine art, photographs, signage, technical documents, or displays.

“What’s important to Canon is the ability of our devices to fit the needs of the end user,” said Toyotsugu Kawamura, executive vice president, and general manager, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A. “The devices that we offer our customers are designed to be versatile and accommodating to reputable third-party software such as ColorByte’s ImagePrint solutions. With these software offerings, imagePROGRAF users can get the most out of the large-format printing process with advanced color management controls and automation tools to further streamline their workflows.”

To learn more about ImagePrint, visit or watch ImagePrint video tutorials on YouTube.

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