Try Kodak Professional Textured Inkjet Art Paper for Photo Prints

A richly textured inkjet art paper can add an elegant feel and timeless look to inkjet-printed photographs. So, the imaging experts responsible for the Kodak Professional line of inkjet media developed a textured inkjet art paper for photographers who understand that creative paper selection can be a key part of bringing their images to life.


With the coarse, structured surface of Kodak Professional Inkjet Textured Fine Art Paper, your prints will resemble artwork crafted on a traditional cold-press artist paper. The natural white surface of this alpha-cellulose paper creates a classic, painterly look, with softer colors and details than images printed on a high-gloss photo paper created with brightening agents.

For example, Kodak Professional Inkjet Textured Fine Art Paper can be a good choice for printing soft-focus or historic photographs, or portraits that have been digitally converted into “paintings.” It’s also great for reproducing art that was originally created with watercolors, pastels, or charcoal.


With a weight of 315gsm, this thick, textured fine art paper is easy to handle, even in larger print sizes. The heavier weight of this professional-grade textured fine art paper also adds to the perceived value of gift prints, hand-bound photo books, and matted prints created for sale at art fairs or galleries.



Kodak Professional Inkjet Textured Fine Art Paper can be used with the aqueous dye inks in older-model wide-format inkjet printers and in-home desktop printers. But it is recommended for use with the growing number of newer pro-model wide-format and desktop inkjet printers that use pigment inks for superior resistance to fading and humidity.

Freedom Paper sells Kodak Professional Inkjet Textured Fine Art Paper in 50 sheet boxes of 8.5 x 11-inch and 13 x 19-inch sheets and in three 50-ft. roll widths: 17, 24, or 44 inches.

If you have printed any photos, art, or creative projects on Kodak Professional Inkjet Textured Fine Art Paper, let us know how the product turned out. Send photos or descriptions to:


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