Sihl Makes Innovative Media for Eco-Solvent and Solvent Inkjet Printers

At Freedom Paper, we offer a huge assortment of papers and other inkjet printable materials. Most of the products we sell are for use with aqueous dye and aqueous pigment inks. But we also offer eco-solvent and solvent inkjet media and materials that can be printed with latex and UV-curable inks. Many customers who began with aqueous inkjet printers now own at least one other inkjet printer that uses other ink types.

Aqueous inks are superb for printing photographs, art, GIS maps, technical drawings, indoor posters, and displays. But the newer ink varieties are more cost-effective for making outdoor prints and decorated objects. Solvent, latex, and UV-curable inks can produce weather-resistant signs and graphics that don’t require the added time and expense of lamination.

Sihl Bravo II Canvas

Recently, we added a batch of innovative products from Sihl for owners of printers that use solvent or eco-solvent inks (such as the Epson GS6000 and SureColor S printers, Roland SOLJet and TRUEVIS printers, Mutoh ValueJet, and Mimaki JV300 and CJV150).

Some Sihl products take advantage of the greater durability of solvent and eco-solvent inks. Others enable owners of eco-solvent-ink printers to output photographic and art-related jobs that are commonly output on aqueous inkjet printers. Below are a few examples.

Sihl ClearSOL WetCling Film: This ultra-clear, 5 mil polyester film lets you make window graphics that are super-easy to install and remove. Simply spray the glass with water, position the image, and squeegee it. You don’t have to mess with any adhesives or release liners. To remove the graphic, simply peel it off. Even if the window-graphic is displayed for months, there won’t be any adhesive residue on the window. Watch this video for a demonstration.

While signmakers use wet-cling films for promotional window graphics, you can also use Sihl ClearSol WetCling Film to make colorful labels and graphics for display cases or decorative window art for office décor.

Sihl TriSolv PrimeArt Paper is a durable, 8-mil, semi-gloss paper for applications such as posters, electoral maps, courtroom graphics, presentations, and architectural renderings.

Sihl TriSolv PosterArt Paper is an economical, 6 mil wet-strength poster paper with a satin print surface. It is great for outdoor-durable, scratch-resistant prints without lamination. This material feels like paper, but the fibers don’t come apart if the posted graphics get wet. Use it for temporary advertising billboards, construction signs, indoor or outdoor décor, exhibits, and promotions.

Sihl TriSolv PhotoArt Paper is a glossy 9-mil, bright-white photo paper with a water-repellant surface and a base that doesn’t come apart when wet. Use it for short-term indoor and outdoor photo displays, maps, and photo-rich promotional posters for special events such as concerts, films, exhibitions, and races. This paper provides high-quality color reproduction with dense blacks, extended shadow detail, and an even gloss level across the printed and unprinted areas of the image.

Sihl Bravo II Canvas is an archival-quality, 18 mil, 365 gsm matte artist canvas for the production of fine-art quality prints and decorative art graphics with solvent or eco-solvent inks. Prints on Sihl Bravo canvas remain free of cracks on the surface or edges during stretching or framing. Or, the printed canvas can be mounted to rigid boards using an adhesive film and a laminator or a spray adhesive.The finished art prints can be embellished with hand-brushed oils and acrylics.

Aurolux Backlit Film: This glossy, 9 mil backlit polyester film produces bright, crisp images for indoor and outdoor lightboxes, backlit casino games, beverage dispensers, and displays at airports and theaters. Images printed on this film are bright enough to be viewed whether the lightbox is turned on or off. This tear-resistant, dimensionally stable film is easy to install and impervious to drastic changes in temperature.

Pacifica Matte II Photo Paper This super-smooth, extra-white 7 mil, 180 gsm matte produces scratch-resistant, water-resistant photo prints with eco-solvent inks. Use it for high-quality photographic photo posters, indoor photorealistic posters, and mounted photo prints and photo posters. A barrier coating seals the base paper to prevent show through and cockling from heavy ink loads. The surface coating maximizes print density, color gamut, and shadow detail in images.

If you have any questions about these products, contact our customer-service team at 866-310-3335 or chat with us online at

Or, you can download Sihl’s Reference Guide for Solvent Ink materials here.



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