Travel Photographer Gives Prints to Clients After Memorable Assignments

For travel photographer Steve Filipiak, life is short and the world is wide. Steve has worked in the travel industry for more than 16 years, capturing stunning images from more than 40 countries. His work has appeared in magazines such as Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast Travel, and Departures as well as newspapers such as the New York Daily News travel section.

He describes his style as “spontaneous and insightful,” just like any good adventure should be.

Image of man in India with colorful dolls. By Steve Filipiak

©Steve Filipiak. From travel photographer Steve Filipiak’s gallery of images from India. Used with permission.

After shooting assignments, Steve likes to give his clients 11 x 14-inch prints as beautiful, lasting reminders of the experience. Depending on the nature of the image, Steve uses 13 x 19 inch sheets of Kodak Professional Inkjet Photo Paper Glossy 255 gsm or Kodak Professional Inkjet Photo Paper Lustre 255 gsm.

“I find that Kodak Professional Inkjet Photo Papers produce a more color-neutral print. Some other brands of photo papers tend to produce a yellowish hue,” said Filipiak. “This is even more noticeable when printing in black and white.”


Steve Filipiak's image of woman in India in front of Taj Mahal

©Steve Filipiak. From travel photographer Steve Filipiak’s gallery of images from India. Used with permission.

While everyone now carries a camera in their smartphone, Steve believes opportunities still remain for professional photographers who make prints. The challenge is to capture images with a unique perspective and continue to explore new print technology that can make highly accurate prints at affordable prices.

See more of Steve’s amazing travel photography at

Kodak Professional Inkjet Photo Paper

Freedom Paper sells a wide assortment of Kodak Professional Inkjet Papers.

While Kodak Professional Inkjet Photo Papers work with many models of HP, Canon, and Epson aqueous inkjet photo printers, the coating has been optimized to fully express the wide color gamut and improved pigment ink technologies of the newest models, such as Canon’s imagePROGRAF PRO-series of printers.

Kodak inkjet photo papers are a great choice if you want prints that accurately reproduce more of the colors that can be captured in your camera.

You don’t have to be professional travel photographer like Steve Filipiak to use Kodak Professional Inkjet Photo Papers. You can use these budget-friendly papers to decorate your home or office with printed photos showing all of the places you have traveled.

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