Ordering HP Designjet Plotter Paper and Inks for Legacy Models

If you need HP Designjet plotter paper for an older model HP Designjet, you aren’t alone. Because HP was a leader in developing pen plotters and the wide-format color inkjet printers that replaced them, HP did a fantastic job building and selling them.

Even though HP no longer sells some legacy models such as the HP Designjet 500 series, HP Designjet 800 series, HP Designjet 1055, or HP Designjet 5000, we know that plenty of companies still use them. Many machines are still being used for everyday printing of monochrome drawings, maps, or presentations on bond paper, mylar, and vellum.

Freedom Paper has sold HP Designjet supplies since 2002. While the newest Designjets models are built to handle a wider range of materials (so you can print full-color, image-rich documents), we know how important it is to keep your reliable old HP Designjets up and running. Our huge selection of HP Designjet supplies includes HP Designjet ink cartridges, HP Designjet plotter paper, and accessories for legacy and current HP Designjet inkjet printers.

Does Your HP Designjet Use Dye or Pigment Inks?

Before ordering HP Designjet supplies online, it’s important to know if your printer uses dye or pigment inks. Dye inks produce bright, vibrant colors but can fade or run if displayed outdoors. Pigment inks were developed for projects that require more durability, such as outdoor signs and archival photo and art prints.

Most older HP Designjets use dye inks. Some use dye color inks with pigment black ink for sharp lines and fine text. Right now, the only legacy Designjet printers that use pigment inks are the HP Designjet 5000 UV, the HP Designjet 5500 UV, the HP Designjet Z3100 and the HP Designjet Z6100.

So if you use popular legacy printers such as the HP Designjet 500, Designjet 800, Designjet 1055, Designjet 2000, Designjet 2500, Designjet 3000, Designjet 3500, Designjet 4000, Designjet 4500, Designjet 5000, or Designjet 5500, order material that is compatible with dye inks.

On the Freedom Paper website, each product description clearly illustrates the types of inks the material can be used with.

Also keep in mind that many older model HP Designjets can’t handle materials thicker than 9 mil. So your choices may be limited if you want to you use an older model HP Designjet to print on thicker materials such as heavyweight photo and art papers, canvas, or some self-adhesive products.

If you aren’t sure that a certain photo paper or graphics material is compatible with your legacy HP Designjet, check the user manual or call the customer-service experts at Freedom Paper at 866-310-3335.

If you tell us the type of job you would like to print on your HP Designjet, we would be happy to recommend materials that will provide great results with your trusted old workhorse of a printer.


Freedom Paper: HP Designjet Supplies

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