Three Great Resources for Users of Canon PRO 1000 Printers

Canon’s Digital Learning Center features instructive articles about specific features of the Canon Pro 1000 printer and other models in Canon’s imagePROGRAF PRO-series of printers.

Here are three examples of the type of information you can find in the Print section of the Canon Digital Learning Center:

Easy Steps to Keeping Your Printer Running Smoothly
In this article for owners of Canon Pro 1000 printers, author Rachel Halford explains that “your printer is precision instrument that is designed to provide consistent, high quality prints for years. Like your car, your camera, and many other pieces of equipment in your life, your printer will work best when it is used and maintained regularly.”

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000

The article outlines steps for ink nozzle maintenance, printhead alignment, roller feed cleaning, and bottom plate cleaning.

“Over time, fibers from your papers will build up on the paper feed roller and may cause your paper to jam or slip when you are printing,” says Halford. “For the best possible results, clean your paper feed roller when you see a visible buildup on the roller or when you notice that the paper is jamming unexpectedly. Cleaning will cause some wear on the roller, so be careful to clean only when needed.”

A bottom-plate cleaning may be necessary if you create a lot of borderless prints on your Canon Pro 1000. Over time, some ink may spray onto the bottom plate. Periodic cleaning can keep excess ink from transferring onto your paper.

Understanding Paper Sizes with the imagePROGRAF PRO-1000
This article discusses the different cut-sheet paper sizes included in printer driver of the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000, including standard U.S. photo sizes, standard paper sizes used in Europe and Asia, and paper sizes used in Japan and Taiwan. It also includes sizes for printing specialty products such as postcards.

Also included are suggested margin options and recommended printing areas for each paper size.

Using the Media Configuration Tool
The Canon Media Configuration Tool allows you to manage and customize your most commonly used papers. You will be able to see the paper listed on the front panel of your printer as well as in the printer driver.

“You can register up to 25 unique paper types,” explains Halford. “When you select a paper category, such as Photo Papers, you will see all of the corresponding papers listed.”

Canon’s Media Configuration Tool enables you to remove paper types you will never use and create easy-to-find custom paper names. You can re-order the list of paper types to create more intuitive menus. And, you can back-up and restore the print settings for your preferred paper types.

When using photo papers other than Canon-brand papers, you can create a custom paper type to ensure that you use the correct paper settings with every print. The post explains how to adjust the settings in the Media Configuration Tool for paper feed, drying time, ink limits, printhead height, calibration, and ICC profiles.

“Taking the time to make use of the Media Configuration Tool can help you increase the quality and consistency of your printed output,” notes Halford. With streamlined paper options, easy-to-identify custom settings, and backups, “You can ensure that you are using the exact same settings and getting the results you expect every time you print.”

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