Tips for Selecting A Canon Wide Format Printer

If you can’t decide which Canon wide format printer would be best for the needs of your office, Canon Solutions America publishes some terrific resources that can help you better understand the options.

Nine Considerations When Buying a Large Format Printer

This 16-page Large Format Printer Buyer’s Guide is a general guide that explains that choosing which printer to buy doesn’t have to be complex if you know exactly what to look for.

The four main considerations in your selection process are:

  • Color and/or black-and-white
  • Costs
  • Performance and speed
  • Image quality

Other factors to take into consideration include:

  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • Product options
  • Floor space
  • Environmental concerns

The free guide emphasizes that it’s unwise to base your purchase decision on the purchase price alone: “You may think that you’re getting a bargain on the printer itself, but if the machine breaks down frequently, or can’t keep up with your demand for prints, then you will be paying too much in the long run.”

Some of the hidden costs related to the printing process itself might include:

  • Printing on the wrong media type or media size
  • Printing files twice because it’s unclear if the printer is processing the file
  • Printing multiple times to get the best print quality
  • The amount of time you have to wait to finish the job

Taking product options into consideration is important to ensure that your printer will be able to meet your requirements as your business evolves over the next few years. According to the guide, “If you buy a feature now because you think you might need it next year, you might be throwing money away. On the other hand, if your needs change other than in ways you had expected, you might need to buy a new printer.”

Make sure that you can get:

  • onsite hardware upgrades such as a scanner, folder, additional paper rolls, and additional working memory.
  • software updates so that the printer’s firmware stays compatible with new IT developments
  • changes to your service contract to get shorter response time if needed

When evaluating how much floor space you need, look beyond the physical dimensions of the printer. In addition to the size measurements found in the technical spec sheets for each product, consider how much space is required to load media, collect the originals, collect and collate the prints, load originals for scanning, and more. Media and ink cartridges needs to be store in close proximity for easy access.

Environmental considerations include how much waste is generated by empty ink cartridges, poor-quality prints, or paper trimming. Other environmental factors include energy consumption and cooling requirements and the ability to recycle your printer.

This guide emphasizes that “There is no one-size fits all solution” and provides tips that can help you make an informed choice based on “the best quality large format print that your work deserves.”


On the website, you can learn which Canon imagePROGRAF wide format printers are recommended for CAD/AEC firms, GIS, or Contractors and Subcontractors.

The Canon imagePROGRAF product line includes models for high-volume production printing, large workgroups and busy offices, small to medium office workgroups, personal large-format printing, and desktop large-format printing.

Plus, you can read more about Canon hardware innovations that provide clearer text, faster output, and reduced ink consumption and software innovations for ease of use, reduced print errors, and job accounting to manage printing costs.

Canon’s unique Media Configuration Tool enables you to register new or custom media types.

And with the free layout tool, you can nest multiple images on one page to help conserve media.

The Print Plug-In for Microsoft Office enables you to print Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and Powerpoint presentations with ease.

Canon’s five-color imagePROGRAF printers actually include six ink channels, so the printer can be loaded with two channels of pigment based matte black ink. This doubles the rate at which most text and line drawings can be output.

The website includes video interviews with Canon users and raise questions such as:

  • Can you afford not to upgrade?
  • Is your old “good enough printer” giving you what your business really needs?
  • Are prints made on your old printer easy to read? Or are hard-to-read prints leading to costly errors?
  • Is your old printer struggling to handle larger files?
  • Do you need to consolidate operations?
  • Do you need to reduce costs?

The 21seconds website points out that, “If you haven’t shopped for a wide format printer recently, you may be pleasantly surprised. Over the years, with each new generation of large-format printers brought to market, Canon has steadily improved performance and vlue while minimizing costs.” The large format printer you buy today can have a lower total cost of ownership and outperform printers that are even just a few years old.

When you have narrowed your options, visit the Freedom Paper website to order your printer. If you have additional questions, call our expert customer sales team at 866-310-3335. We can help you get a great deal!


Canon Solutions America: Nine Considerations When Buying a Large Format Printer

Freedom Paper: Canon imagePROGRAF Printers for Technical and General Use


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