Aqueous Inkjet Media for DIY Sign Printing

aqueous wide-format inkjet printers
Freedom Paper sells multiple brands of sign-printing and photo-printing materials
for wide-format inkjet printers that use aqueous dye or aqueous pigment inks.

On the Freedom Paper website, choose from multiple brands of wide-format inkjet banner vinyls, polypropylenes, backlit films, synthetic papers (e.g. Tyvek), and fabrics, for making mounted signs, posters, banners, and backlit signs on environmentally friendly in-office printers that use water-based inks.

Below are some of our most popular media types. In addition to Freedom Paper’s own budget-friendly band of wide-format inkjet sign media, you can choose aqueous inkjet signage materials made by Canon, HP, Kodak, and Sihl.

Scroll down to see some of the products available at Freedom Paper, including

Vinyl Banner Material
Adhesive Backed Vinyl
Adhesive-Backed Polypropylene
Tyvek Banner Material
Fabric Banner Material
Adhesive-Backed Fabric
Heavyweight Poster Papers
Backlit Film
Clear Adhesive-Backed Window Film

Vinyl Banner Material

The first generation of flexible, large-format inkjet banners were printed on PVC (vinyl) because it is strong and durable, especially when a “scrim” layer of fabric is sandwiched between a top and bottom layer of PVC. Since then, inkjet media manufacturers have created dozens of other banner materials that cost less and are easier to recycle.

Freedom Paper High-Density Scrim Vinyl Banner 15 mil (906)

Sihl 3604 SMART Banner Vinyl Matte 15 mil

Sihl 3960 Banner Scrim Vinyl Matte 15 mil

HP Opaque Scrim 14 mil

Canon Scrim Banner Vinyl 15 mil

Kodak Banner Water Resistant Scrim 16 mil

Adhesive-Backed Vinyl

Graphics shops that don’t have a flatbed inkjet printer often use adhesive-backed PVC (vinyl) to print graphics that are then mounted to rigid signboards.

Freedom Paper Premium Matte Adhesive Back Vinyl 6 mil (904)

Freedom Paper Low-Tack Blockout Matte Vinyl 6 mil (905)

Sihl 3585 Premium Vinyl Self-Adhesive Gloss 5 mil

Sihl 3635 Standard Vinyl PSA Matte 6 mil

Canon Adhesive Matte Vinyl 11 mil

HP Universal Adhesive Vinyl 11 mil

Kodak Water-Resistant Removable Vinyl 6 mil


Polypropylene is a bright white, tear-resistant, water-resistant graphic film for printing posters and short-term signs. It flexes like paper but doesn’t crease. It’s a good choice for reproducing signs with detailed images or bright colors.

Freedom Paper Production Glossy Indoor Polypro 8 mil (801)

Freedom Paper Instant-Dry Blockout Polypro Banner 8 mil (803)

Freedom Paper Stay-Flat Polypropylene Banner 8 mil (804)

Canon Durable Matte Polypropylene Banner 7 mil

HP Everyday Matte Polypropylene 8 mil

HP Premium Matte Polypropylene 9 mil

Kodak Water Resistant Poly Poster Matte 8 mil

Sihl SyntiTec PolyPro Outdoor Film Matte 6 mil

Sihl 3391 SyntiTec Polypropylene Grayback 7 mil

Adhesive-Backed Polypropylene

These materials cost less than adhesive-backed vinyls and are a popular choice for making mounted signs. Different types of adhesives (e.g. permanent, removable, repositionable) affect the ease of installation, longevity, and removability.

Freedom Paper Production Glossy Self-Adhesive Polypro 8 mil (802)

Freedom Paper Self-Adhesive Matte Polypropylene 8 mil (805)

Freedom Paper Pro Self-Adhesive Matte Polypro 8 mil with Anti-Slip Liner (806)

HP Everyday Adhesive Matte Polypropylene 7 mil

HP Everyday Adhesive Gloss Polypropylene 8.5 mil

Kodak Rapid-Dry Self-Adhesive Glossy Poly Poster 6 mil

Kodak Universal Self-Adhesive Satin Poly Poster 7 mil

Kodak Water-Resistant Self-Adhesive Poly Poster Matte 9 mil

Sihl 3539 SyntiTec Polypropylene with EasyTack Adhesive

Durable Synthetic Banner Material

This category of banner materials originated with the introduction of inkjet-printable Tyvek®. Trademarked by DuPont, Tyvek is spun-bonded material made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fibers. It is a fully recyclable material that is flexible like paper, but durable enough to withstand 3 months of exposure to rain, snow, and other outdoor elements. Like a fabric, durable synthetic banner material can be sewn, grommeted, or hemmed with heavy-duty banner tape. Other durable synthetic banner materials have been developed with similar properties.

Freedom Paper Instant-Dry Matte Tyvek for High-Speed Printers 7 mil (511)

Freedom Paper Water-Resistant Tyvek 11 mil (514)

HP Durable Synthetic Banner 13 mil

Sihl 3275 TexBanner Xtreme White 145 Banner

Fabric Banner Material

Inkjet printable fabric banner materials are a popular alternative to PVC vinyl banners, because they are lightweight and easier to ship and store. “Soft signage” made with banner fabric material feels less like plastic and more like canvas or satin fabrics.

Freedom Paper Ultra Light Fabric Banner 8 mil (505)

Freedom Paper Heavy Fabric Banner 9 mil (506)

Freedom Paper Polyester Matte Banner 22 mil (503)

Sihl 3512 Fabric Banner Plus FR

Adhesive-Backed Fabric

Inkjet -printable adhesive-backed fabrics can be used to print easy-to-hang temporary posters and signs.

Freedom Paper Self-Adhesive Matte Polyester Wall Fabric 8 mil (512)

Kodak PhotoTex Repositionable Fabric

Sihl 3209 QuickSTICK Fabric 7 mil

Poster Papers

Heavier-weight poster papers are coated to hold higher ink loads than the standard bond papers used for everyday drawings and documents.

Freedom 36 lb. Premium Coated Bond Paper (746)

Freedom Paper 46 lb. Premium Coated Bond Paper (747)

Canon Heavyweight Matte Coated Paper 230 gsm, 10 mil

HP Heavyweight Coated Paper 35 lb.

HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper 55 lb.

HP Premium Poster Paper 9 mil, 200 gsm

Sihl 3333 TrueColor Coated Matte Paper 140 gsm, 37 lb.

Sihl 3335 TrueColor Paper 160 gsm, 48 lb.

Sihl 3257 PosterColor X Paper 180 gsm

Backlit Film

These translucent polyester (PET) films are coated to handle heavier ink loads and minimize “hot spots” caused by the behind-the-graphic light source used to illuminate the graphics.

Freedom Paper Gloss Backlit Polyester Film 8 mil (207)

Freedom Paper Ultra Glossy Backlit Film 8 mil (201)

Freedom Paper Matte Backlit Polyester Film 9 mil (206)

HP Premium Vivid Color Backlit Film 8.7 mil

HP Backlit Polyester Film 8.7 mil

Kodak Universal Backlit Film 8 mil

Sihl 3365 Ariana Heavy Backlit Film 9 mil

Sihl 3366 Ariana Backlit Film, 7 mil

Adhesive-Backed Window Film

Most window signs today are printed with latex, eco-solvent, solvent, and UV-curable inks. But Freedom Paper does offer window graphic films that can be printed with aqueous dye or pigment inks.

Freedom Paper Aqueous Perforated Window Film Self-Adhesive 8 mil

Sihl 3166 ClearStick Clear Adhesive Film 2 mil

Choosing the Right Product

Many products listed above can also be used in sign shops, in-plant print shops, and other print-service providers that use aqueous inkjet printers in printrooms that include printers than latex (durable aqueous) inks, eco-solvent inks, or UV-curable inks. The ink-compatibility symbols on each product page on the Freedom Paper website indicate which wide-format inkjet media can be used with what types of inks.

Freedom Paper ink icons
All products listed above feature the dye, pigment, and/or Pw symbols. Some will also be compatible with Latex or UV-curable inks.

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