Choosing Fabric Banner Materials for Aqueous Wide-Format Inkjet Printers

Soft signage is popular because inkjet fabric graphics are easier to ship, store, and recycle than traditional display films or banner vinyls. Many supersized fabric backdrop walls, backlit fabric displays, and hanging fabric banners at trade shows are printed on grand-format dye-sublimation inkjet printers. But you don’t need a dye-sub inkjet printer to make your own soft signage.

If you want to print budget-friendly polyester fabric banners, soft signage, fabric decals, or other products on the wide-format aqueous inkjet printers in your office or studio, Freedom Paper offers several options. This includes our own line of value-priced, tear-resistant fabrics. The Freedom Paper collection of products includes two adhesive-backed fabrics and three banner and decor fabrics.

The banner and decor fabrics can be used to make indoor and outdoor soft signage, tote bags, and event decor such as photo backdrops, stage decorations, wall drapes, gift bags, table covers, and table runners.

The adhesive fabrics are great for temporary, easy-install posters, wall murals. and contour-cut wall decals.

If you have never ordered soft signage fabrics before, note that polyester banner fabrics are different than polyester fabrics for apparel.

How Banner Fabrics Differ from Apparel Textiles

The technical fabrics used for banners have a higher “denier” than most apparel textiles. Denier (pronounced denYAY) is a unit of measurement that compares the thickness of yarn used to create a specific fabric. Larger numbers indicate thicker, sturdier yarns. The standard fabrics used to make apparel range from 1D (for ultra-sheer pantyhose) to 80D (for yoga pants) or 120D for jeans.

Durable textiles for flags, banners, tents, backpacks, duffle bags, furniture covers, and camp chairs typically fall in the 150D to 600D range. So, a “lightweight” polyester banner fabric looks and feels sturdier than a “lightweight” dress made with 10D microfiber polyester.

Freedom Paper Banner Fabrics

At Freedom Paper, we offer three weights of inkjet fabrics that can be printed with the aqueous pigment inks used in newer models of wide-format printers for offices, photo studios, and design firms. These materials are also compatible with printers that use latex and UV-curable inks.

Super Heavy Fabric Banner Material (FP513) – 600D x 600D

This strong, versatile, 13 mil, polyester fabric banner material has a rich, canvas-like weave. You can use Super Heavy Fabric Banner Material to make hanging and roll-up banners, wall drapes, stage backdrops, aprons, table covers, pillows, decorative art, and tote bags.

This water-resistant matte coated fabric resists tearing and can be displayed outdoors for up to six months. It is available in 24, 36, 24 and 60-inch roll widths.

FP506 Heavy Banner Fabric Material
FP506 Heavy Banner Fabric Material300D x 300D

This durable, 9 mil, water-resistant, polyester banner fabric has a tight, consistent weave. Use this 300D x 300D fabric to print hanging banners, banner-stand graphics, economy gallery wraps, backdrops, and point-of-sale or POP displays. The fabric is sturdy enough not to bunch up during printing and can be hemmed or sewn to other panels to create larger graphics.

Heavy Banner Fabric has an extremely bright white point to produce vibrant colors and deep blacks. Prints made with aqueous pigment inks can last up to 1 year indoors, and 6 months outdoors.

FP505 Ultra Light Fabric Banner – 150D x 150D

This 8-mil water-resistant 150D x 150D polyester fabric also has a tight consistent weave. This fabric is a good option for indoor and outdoor flags, banner stand graphics, table throws, table runners, and decorative point-of-sale displays.

It resists bunching during printing and can be hemmed for hanging. It can also be sewn with other panels to make larger graphics. The bright white point on Ultra Light Fabric Banner material produces vibrant colors and deep blacks. Pigment ink graphics will last up to 6 months indoors and 3 months outdoors. This fabric is sold in 36-, 42-, 50-, and 60-inch roll widths.

Freedom Paper Adhesive Fabrics

Advances in adhesive technology have improved the versatility of adhesive-backed fabrics. Some removable adhesives work best for temporary graphics on very smooth surfaces. Newer high-tack adhesives on sturdier fabrics can be used to make longer-term and contour-cut graphics on a wider range of smooth and textured surfaces.

FP512 Self-Adhesive Matte Polyester Wall Fabric – 150D x 150D

This strong, but lightweight, 8 mil, matte, woven polyester fabric for wall graphics has a removable acrylic adhesive on a 6 mil liner. Use it to produce temporary indoor wall murals and window signs.

The printed graphics on this sturdy 150D x 150D fabric can be easily applied to smooth walls and glass surfaces without bunching or bubbling. The graphics resist scratches and water damage and don’t stretch out during installation. The acrylic adhesive removes more cleanly than traditional wallpapers. This fabric is available in 24-, 36- and 54-inch widths.

FP517 Heavyweight Polyester Wall Fabric with Hi-Tack Removable Adhesive

FP517 Heavyweight Polyester Wall Fabric with Hi-Tack Removable Adhesive – 300D x 300D

This strong, water-resistant 11 mil woven polyester fabric has a high-tack removable adhesive on a 5 mil liner. This 300D x 300D matte fabric is ideal for making easy-up/easy-down indoor murals, contour-cut wall decals, carpet graphics, and easy-to-change PVC-free signs.

The printed fabric can be applied without bunching, bubbling, or stretching and resist scratches and water damage. Graphics printed with aqueous pigment inks last up to one year indoors and six months outdoors. This fabric is available in 36-inch rolls.

Other Options

Freedom Paper also offers banner fabrics and adhesive fabrics from other manufacturers. Below are some of the other products you can order from the Freedom Paper website:

If you have questions about any of the banner fabrics and adhesive fabrics on the Freedom Paper website, please call us a 866-310-3335 or chat with us online.

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