HP ColorPRO Technology Improves Print Quality on Wide-Format Bond Papers

With the success of HP’s pigment-ink PageWide XL printers, HP has expanded its range of wide-format inkjet papers with HP ColorPRO technology. ColorPRO papers are manufactured with additives that hold pigments closer to the surface and provide more control over ink coverage.

ColorPRO technology logoCompared to standard untreated bond and photo papers, inkjet media that display the ColorPRO logo produce inkjet printed images with noticeably enhanced print quality.

Better print quality supports the growing need for vivid colors, richer images, and sharper text in all types of presentations, technical drawings, office posters, and graphics.

In addition to ensuring more consistent quality, ColorPRO technology allows owners of inkjet printers to reduce ink usage and be more efficient.

Optimized for PageWide XL Printers

The high-speed, single-pass HP PageWide XL printers HP introduced in 2015 are radically different from the HP DesignJet printers that have long been used to print technical drawings.

A PageWide XL printer uses a stationary printbar that spans the width of the paper. When the printhead remains in a fixed position, the paper doesn’t need to advance incrementally as the inkjet printhead make multiple passes back and forth across the width of the paper. When all inks are applied in a single pass, the paper can feed much more quickly through the printer.

HP PageWide XL printers

HP PageWide XL printer series

A PageWide XL printer can output 30 A1/D-size (22 X 34-inch) prints per minute. The inks must dry instantly so the prints don’t smear as they are stacked or folded.

Because of the speed and efficiency in printing both color and monochrome documents, the PageWide XL printers are a hit. More than 3,000 printers were sold in the first 18 months after the printers were launched.

As the use of HP PageWide XL printers continues to grow, expect to see a growing range of inkjet media suitable for these printers.

HP Papers with ColorPRO Technology

ColorPRO technology is used with new HP inkjet papers that are optimized to work HP PageWide XL printers. Some of these inkjet papers also work well with legacy HP DesignJets and other models of printers that use aqueous dye and pigment inks.

HP’s portfolio of ColorPRO media includes:

  • HP Bright White Inkjet Paper
  • HP Universal Bond Paper
  • HP Premium Instant-Dry Satin Photo Paper
  • HP Premium Instant-Dry Gloss Photo Paper
  • HP Everyday Instant Dry Gloss Photo Paper
  • HP Everyday Instant-Dry Satin Photo Paper
  • HP Universal Instant-Dry Satin Photo Paper
  • HP 20-lb. Bond with ColorPRO for PageWide Technology
  • HP 24-lb. Bond with ColorPRO for PageWide Technology

Freedom Paper has started adding these new HP materials to our website. And we plan to add additional products compatible with HP PageWide XL printers throughout the year. For more information, please chat with us online at freedom paper.com or call us at 866-310-3335.

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