Inspiring Wall Graphics Transform Bland Seminar Room

Designers around the world are using HP PVC-free Wall Paper to improve the ambience of all types and sizes of rooms to meet specific goals. With this inkjet-printable paper-based alternative to self-adhesive vinyl, you can design wall graphics that achieve whatever look and feel your client wants.

For example, when the University of Bucharest wanted to transform an outdated seminar room into a modern, collaborative space for learning, they turned to the Image PR Agency in Romania and the design team from Beaucoupzero for ideas.

Graphic mural in seminar room at University of Bucharest encourages interaction among students. It was designed by Beaucoupzero and printed on HP PVC-Free Wall Paper by Grup Transilvae.

Graphic mural in seminar room at University of Bucharest encourages interaction among students. It was designed by Beaucoupzero and printed on HP PVC-free Wall Paper by Grup Transilvae.

Inspired by the desire to encourage discussion and student engagement, the designers created text-based graphics in the shape of the Manhattan skyline and architecture. The text that shapes the “buildings” consists of inspirational quotes.

Beaucoupzero chose HP PVC-free Wall Paper for this innovative project.

“We find it the perfect material for interior design projects,” said designer Matei Apostolescu. “The reasons are many. The print looks great; Grup Transilvae did an impressive job printing the graphics. The colors are vivid, the gradients and all the details match the original art file perfectly.”

The project had a tight deadline and the pre-paste adhesion made for easy installation with only water. The paper was dry within 24 hours.

To accent the wall graphics, the team used HP Permanent Matte Adhesive Vinyl to create red metallic doors. It was the perfect choice for this application because of its durability and ease of installation.

The visual artists at Beaucoupzero routinely recommend HP large-format print media to the interior designers and architects they work with.

While some wall murals feature photographs, many creative effects can also be achieved with imaginative illustrations and graphics. The possibilities are endless.

About HP PVC-free Wall Paper

HP PVC-free Wall Paper is an ultra-smooth, 7-mil wet-strength paper specifically created for printing colorful murals with HP Latex inks on HP Latex printers. It is backed by a water-activated paste so that it goes up (and comes down) with water.

HP PVC-free Wall Paper is odorless, mold- and mildew-resistant, and has the environmental certifications that many facilities now require. For example, it is GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified and meets AgBB criteria for health-related evaluation of VOC emissions of indoor building products.

The paper is made with FSC-certified paper from well-managed forests and contains 10% recycled content from post-consumer waste.

For more information about HP PVC-free Wall Paper, contact the inkjet printing experts at Freedom Paper.

HP Wall Art Suite

In addition to developing inkjet-printable wallpapers that meet stringent building-code requirements, HP has developed tools that enable designers to envision how their creations might look on the walls of a specific room.

HP Wall Art Suite is a set of cloud-based apps supplied to businesses equipped with HP Latex printers.

After a designer has finalized the design and gained client approval, the designer can use the HP Wall Art app to submit the order along with the correct measurements and color specifications. HP Wall Art apps can help designers visualize projects that include wallcoverings, decals, posters, and stretched canvas.



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