Why Photo Printing Is on the Rise

Photo printing can be an excellent growth opportunity for owners of wide-format inkjet printers that use pigment inks. Here are just three reasons why:

The number of images captured each year is increasing. According to an InfoTrends study, more than 1.1 trillion photos were captured by mobile devices and still cameras in 2016. That number is projected to rise to 1.4 trillion by 2020.

Of course, not all of these images will be printed. But when a smartphone user captures something special, they may want to convert the image into a tangible item — something that won’t get lost and forgotten among the billions of other images circulating on social media.

InfoTrends research also found that Millennials (born circa 1981–2000) are not abandoning traditional photography and printing. They take 60% more photos each year (with mobile devices and digital cameras) than their Gen X and Boomer cohorts. And while Millennials actively share many images via social media, they still print occasionally— for decoration, gift giving, or remembering fun times and family events.

Daven Mathies on Digital Trends notes that while we no longer have to print to see what we’ve captured, people still love prints: “Rather than bemoan the decline in quantity of photo printed, let’s celebrate the fact that digital has given us new technology and new avenues for producing high-quality prints. We have the tools today to make better prints than ever before.” He notes that holding a finished print in your hand is infinitely more satisfying than seeing your photo on a pocket-size screen.

Boomers want to preserve their memories in printed form. Photo printing opportunities also exist for Boomers who want to preserve their memories in printed form. While most Boomers are past their prime picture-taking years, many want to scan and reprint some of the yellowed old prints stashed in shoeboxes — either from their childhood or passed down from parents or grandparents.

Boomers came of age during the advent of color photography. So their collections often include a mix of black-and-white and color photos.

Businesses want to refresh or localize their decor. Hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, coffee shops, and offices understand the value of decorating their walls with photos and artwork that enhances the enjoyment of the space. Images can help soothe nervous patients, create a sense of place or history, or spark an emotional connection with a brand.


Analysts from Technavio suggest that the rising demand for photo printing and merchandise market is heavily influenced by the growth of travel and events.

Make Sure Photo Prints Will Last

“Photo printing is considered one of the best ways to preserve memories,” said Ujjwal Doshi, a lead analyst for Technavio. “Despite the advent of digital photos, photo printing continues to hold sway. Digital photos cannot match the touch and feel of a printed photos.”

If you do print photos for consumers and businesses, pay attention to quality and service. Now that customers see photos everywhere they look and have access to easy editing tools, they are much more aware of the look and style of high-impact photographs.

Technavio analysts believe that future of the photo printing and merchandise market depends on how well print-service provides satisfy the customer’s expectations in terms of quality of service and quality of the buying experience.

Consider Kodak Inkjet Photo Papers

Longevity also matters when people make prints as keepsakes. That’s why many photo printing use one of Kodak’s inkjet photo papers that carry the Art Sure Certification .

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper Glossy 255 gsm

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper Lustre 255 gsm

This means the paper has been independently tested for properties such as lightfastness and permanence. Both of these sturdy, 10-mil, resin-coated papers are designed to take advantage of the latest printing technology, producing deeper colors and finer details.

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