Use Magic Inkjet Wrapping Paper to Customize Your Gifts

Magic WRAPITAQ inkjet wrapping paper enables you to customize the look of gifts you will be giving during the upcoming holidays and throughout the year.

WRAPITAQ works with the huge variety of wide-format inkjet printers that use aqueous dye, aqueous pigment, or latex inks. If you own an HP PageWide XL printer, you can offer print-on-demand runs of wrapping paper or longer runs of personalized gift wrap with variable text, images, and colors.

Magic WRAPITAQ inkjet wrapping paper

Use WRAPITAQ inkjet wrapping paper for corporate or personal gifts throughout the year.

The 4 mil, 95 gsm flexible paper is easy to fold and wrap. Printed images on this durable, water-resistant, satin-surface paper don’t crack when the paper is folded or creased.

In addition to printing custom-designed gift wrap for corporate or personalized gifts, you can use WRAPITAQ to make posters and indoor signs.

WRAPITAQ is currently available from Freedom Paper in standard roll sizes:

  • 30 in. x 300 ft. roll
  • 36 in. x 300 ft. roll
  • 40 in. x 300 ft. roll

A 36 in. x 15 ft. sample roll is also available.

If you have questions, chat with us online at or call 866-310-3335.

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