Three Trends in Trade Show Booth Graphic Materials

Keeping up with trends in trade show booth graphic materials can be a challenge. But it’s a must for in-house printing groups and print-service providers.

For many businesses, trade shows are key components of their marketing strategy. A trade show provides an unbeatable opportunity to raise brand awareness within target customer groups, publicize new products, sell products, and meet face-to-face with strategic business partners, journalists, and current and prospective customers. A well-run trade-show booth can also help boost social-media follows and subscriptions to email newsletters.

So, even if a trade show is often the single largest expense in an organization’s marketing budget, the payoffs  can be substantial. With creative communications before and after the show, a trade show booth can generate returns long after the event has ended.

Fabric graphics in HP booth. Photo: Brand Management Group

If your company will be exhibiting at a trade show this year (or printing trade-show graphics for other companies), here are three trends in trade-show booth materials you should consider:

Print on Fabrics. Signs and images on inkjet-printable fabrics are called “soft signage” because they have a warmer, more inviting look than more rigid, laminated graphics. Plus lightweight fabric graphics can be easier and more economical to ship. HP recommends these two fabrics for trade-show graphics: HP Light Fabric and HP Durable Backlit Fabric.


Recyclable trade-show graphics on HP materials. Photo: Brand Management Group


Go Green. Many consumers are concerned about the environment and prefer doing business with companies that demonstrate a commitment to using environmentally friendly materials. HP recommends these recyclable options: HP Everyday Matte Polypropylene and HP Backlit Polyester Film.

Create Branded Walls. Use the wall space in your booth for branding. Custom-printed wallpaper with brand graphics can create an inviting space for demonstrating and discussing your products and services. HP recommends HP PVC-Wall Paper

Freedom Paper offers a huge assortment of wide-format inkjet media for trade-show graphics. For information and recommendations, chat with one of our wide-format experts online or call 866-310-3335.




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