Canon Color Impact Study Shows Powerful Allure of Fluorescent Colors

According to “Canon’s Fluorescent Color Impact Study,” three-out-of-four consumers indicated they are more likely to pay attention to posters and signage that feature fluorescent colors.

More than 90% of consumers said they are very likely or somewhat likely to remember posters and signage printed in fluorescent colors. Fluorescent’s ability to capture the modern consumer’s attention was evidenced by over two-thirds agreeing that fluorescent colors are making a comeback.

The study’s findings are based on a national survey of 1,000 U.S. citizens conducted in March 2022

“There’s no denying those fluorescent colors that dominated in the 1980s and 1990s are resurging,” said Sam Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager of Canon U.S.A., Inc. “Fluorescent seems to be everywhere now, and it’s compelling businesses, designers and artists to reimagine their color palette and consider all the imaginative possibilities that come along with it.”

While fluorescent colors have long been available with solvent, textile, and dye-sublimation inkjet printers, the Canon imagePROGRAF GP Series of 24-inch and 44 inch printers were the first water-based pigment-ink printers to use a fluorescent pink ink. With Canon’s software, the pink ink can be used either as a spot color or to expand the range of bright, vivid colors that can be produced on posters and signs.

Survey Findings

Canon’s survey reveals that fluorescent colors will likely have staying power.

A Study in Pink: A plurality of consumers (31%) believe fluorescent pink is the most iconic color in art and culture, and the most personally engaging of the fluorescent colors.

Fluorescent Ink: Fluorescent colors pop in digital and print, which explains why (55%) of consumers said they would like to buy a printer that uses fluorescent ink.

Positive Thoughts: When consumers see fluorescent colors most feel happy (64.5%) and excited (47%).

Colorful Industries: Out of all the private sectors, including technology, retail, media, sports and travel/hospitality, the fashion domain was usurped by the world of entertainment as the industry consumers most associate with fluorescent colors

“Fluorescent colors transcend industry and form,” said Tim Greene, research director of International Data Corporation (IDC). “More often than not, they capture the audience’s attention, and engage consumers in new and compelling ways. Instead of overlooking this massive trend, Canon is embracing it by designing and introducing high-performance printers that deliver bright color printing capabilities for a diverse spectrum of assets, from photographs and Pop Art to posters and signage.”

The imagePROGRAF GP Series helps transform the way consumers design and print posters, banners and signage. The 24-inch GP-2000 and 44-inch GP-4000, which include 10 colors plus fluorescent pink ink produce vibrant, bold colors to achieve high value-added output and graphics and the 24-inch GP-200 and 36-inch GP-300, which incorporates 5 colors plus fluorescent pink ink. These solutions include Canon’s Radiant Infusion technology to create impactful posters and other large-format materials with eye-popping designs, vivid colors and exceptional clarity.

canon gp-4000 with poster
44-inch Canon imagePROGRAF GP-4000 printer

As an added benefit, Canon U.S.A. recently announced a new online version of PosterArtist, the company’s free design online application, available for both Windows and Mac platforms, and supports compatible models of Canon printers. The web-based version can be used with all imagePROGRAF GP printers, which utilizes fluorescent pink ink.

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