Dietzgen Creative Solutions Center

The Sihl Group Acquires Distributor of Magic and Museo Inkjet Media

In December 2021 the Sihl Group announced the acquisition of Dietzgen Corporation┬«, a privately held company that provides distribution services for digital print media to the US market. This news… Read more

Protecting Inkjet Prints with Films, Coatings, and Sprays

With wide-format inkjet printable media from Freedom Paper, you can produce everything from postcards. infographics, and posters to art prints, trade-show graphics and wall murals on the wide-format inkjet printer… Read more
Inkjet Banner on Building

DIY Signmaking: What Types of Signs Can I Make with My Office Wide-Format Printer?

Users of in-office aqueous-ink wide-format inkjet printers from Canon, HP, and Epson don’t have to outsource all of their projects to a sign shop or print-service provider company. With the… Read more

Inkjet Print Protection: Tips for Using Inkjet Protective Spray

If your inkjet printer uses aqueous dye or pigment inks, your print may need some additional protection, depending on the type of print you produce and how and where you… Read more

DIY Signmaking: What You Must Know Before Buying Sign Materials

Many wide-format inkjet printers designed for in-office printing of drawings and documents can also be used to print temporary indoor signs and banners. Before buying materials to print your own… Read more
rigid substrates for signs

DIY Signmaking: Using Adhesive-Backed Inkjet Media to Make Rigid Signs

With the wide-format inkjet printer in your office and rolls of self-adhesive inkjet media from Freedom Paper you can create your own short-term signs for meetings, events, and promotions. The… Read more

Glossary of Terms About Inkjet Art Papers and Inkjet Photo Papers

Buying professional-quality inkjet art paper or inkjet photo paper is different than buying inkjet paper for technical drawings, short-term photographic displays, and everyday office printing. Sometimes, the terms used to… Read more

What’s the Difference Between Dye and Pigment Inks?

If the inkjet printer you use in your home or office is an older model, it’s important to know whether it uses dye or pigment inks. Many older models or… Read more
Rolls of engineering drawings

What is Wide-Format Plotter Paper?

Wide format plotter paper typically refers to the uncoated and coated bond papers that were originally used to make original prints or reproductions of digitally created line drawings. Plotter paper… Read more
inkjet vellum and mylar

What’s the Difference Between Mylar, Vellum, and PET Tracing Film?

Makers of specialty inkjet-printable materials have coated several types of translucent drafting materials, including vellum, mylar, and PET tracing films. You can use these products for markable overlays, mixed-media art… Read more
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